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It has been a long itch to do a SaaS App and finally, we (JD & me) thought we would scratch our own itch. With our plethora of experiences working in the design domain, we wanted to create SaaS in the design industry.


Our personal network is filled with Bootstrapped Founders, who were constantly trying out new ideas and were non-design folk. With non-design I mean, no skills to use advanced design programs such as CorelDraw or Illustrator, etc. These folks often came to us to get the logo and branding done, and then eventually wanted us to do small tasks like Facebook covers, social media post images for their launch and so forth. and then they were on their own designing stuff with Canva and Crello.

Canva is a great tool. It is fast and very feature-rich. But we found it the biggest problem with Canva is that it is a TOOL and like any other tool it requires a slight learning curve. This is when we noticed one of our friends creating a social media post using Canva. He spent hours literally figuring out which template to use and ultimately the one that he liked turned to complete garbage once he put in the content and then the margins and placements went wrong and size went weird. That’s when we found out that creating good stuff using Canva is time-consuming and the creator has to have some design sense, but then Canva is supposed to fast and for the non-design folk right? So we went ahead and called up more of non-design friends from the Startup and Social Media Marketing Domain. We enquired if they used Canva or Crello or any other similar app and if they did, how much time did it took them to create designs using Canva and did they like the app. Almost majority of the responses were “Yes, Canva is great”, then we asked what would you be using if Canva didn’t exist, and then they were like “idk”, “maybe learn illustrator”, “hire a designer”, “learn some design software”. The majority of the responses, when asked about the time taken, were, “40-45 minutes”, “half an hour or so”, “an hour” and almost none said 5-10 mins.

That’s when we felt that there can be some space for innovation here. I had been doing a lot of automation for my day-to-day tasks than using Python and it struck why can’t designs be automated. Being a designer myself, I felt design can be broken down into a series of steps, and if it can be broken down into steps why can’t we create a program to automate the whole steps. I quickly called up JD and spoke to him about it, and he went all positive about the idea.

We were awestruck with the statement:
What if you could submit a design brief and you get lots of Awesome design concepts in a few seconds.

..and that how we planned to create a Canva killer, Artworkss.


It sounded really great, multiple awesome designs in a few seconds, but was it really possible? to create designs with enough creative value and good enough to be used by people. Will we be able to actually create something which would create loads of design in seconds. Can it be that fast? How much resource intensive would it be? What technologies should we adopt? We did lot of research and study. Loads of failed prototypes. Redoing prototypes from scratch. Optimizing time resources. Optimizing compute resources. Lots of secret sauce. Months of dedication and hard work.


Yes, we did make it and it does create lots of designs in seconds. We have completed Artworkss but are fine-tuning the UI/UX, fixing bugs, and adding loads of design resources for the launch. We haven’t decided on a date for the public launch it but it should be soon. You can head to and pre-register.

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